We’re self-proclaimed water warriors on a mission to tackle the impending water shortage that the EPA has been waving its flags about. But guess what? We’re not here to bore you with gloom and doom; we’re jumping in to do our part.
The 411 on the Water Crisis
So, the EPA dropped a bomb – at least 40 states are bracing for water shortages by 2024. Yikes! As in, next year! The stats are mind-boggling. Over 330 million tank-type toilets in the U.S., and get this – more than 100 million of those are in multifamily buildings alone. And, believe it or not, toilets are the MVPs of indoor water use, guzzling up a whopping 30% of our water consumption.Several research studies have found 20% to 35% of all residential toilets leak to some degree. No wonder we’ve got to keep an eye on them!
Water Damage Drama in Multifamily Properties
Our pals at the National Multifamily Housing Council spilled the tea – water damage is the #1 cause of loss in multi-dwelling assets. We felt the pain of overburdened property management teams dealing with leaky flappers and stuck open flappers. It’s like an endless loop of water trouble that no one deserves, but also is a waste of perfectly fine, potable water!
Our Claim to Fame – Literally
Now, enough with the stats; let’s talk about how we, the water nerds, are changing the game. Brace yourselves – we’ve planted over 27,500 sensors in the trenches (or should we say toilets) of affordable housing, senior living, student housing, hotels, resorts, and market-rate apartments. That’s right, more sensors than you can shake a plumber’s wrench at!
The Magic of 11.7 Million Days
In our quest to save water, we’ve witnessed 11.7 million days of toilet usage. We’re like the invisible guardians of your porcelain thrones, distinguishing between a normal flush, a leaking flapper, and a stuck open flapper. And guess what? We’ve saved a staggering 450 million gallons of water and counting – that’s enough to fill over 680 Olympic-sized swimming pools!
Why We’re Proud Water Warriors
Our friendly, connected sensors are like sidekicks, silently detecting leaks, and helping property management teams breathe easy. We’re not just saving water; we’re saving you from the headaches of water damage, mold, and costly repairs. We’re making conservation cool, one flush at a time!