Testimonial Videos

Marc Menowitz, Apartment Corp CEO

Apartment Corp CEO Marc Menowitz discusses saving water and making money with Sensor Industries.

Colin Fink, RealTech

RealTech Development & Construction’s Colin Fink discusses how SI-Flood Sensors help reduce their risk of catastrophic leaks.

Product Videos

Case Studies

RiverPointe Apartments, Columbus, Ohio

164 Units – 328 Toilets

Owner was paying $21k+/mo for water before installing sensors in October 2018.

Water bill dropped to $14k.

Sensor Industries increased the owner’s property value by $1.3M in the first year!

Gates on Manhattan Apartments, Harvey, Louisiana

276 Units – 408 Toilets

Owner’s average water bill was $11,754/mo for water before installing sensors in May 2018.

Systems were monitored for one month prior to maintenance engineers taking action. Stuck open leaks (in red) were drastically reduced immediately and the water bill plunged.

Average water bill has dropped to $6859.



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